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Welcome to the Ukitake fan community! Over 200 fans have gathered already to share their love for our favorite Soul Society captain, Ukitake-taichou! Feel free to share your love for him, your fanfiction, fanart, icons, or even just post about a recent episode to squee! We're yaoi-friendly, but we don't discriminate! We love us some Shunsui/Ukitake, but that doesn't stop the masses from also enjoying a sweet little Ukitake/Unohana action on the side! So come on in, grab a handful of candy from the bowl to your left, and make yourself at home!


[◊] Play NICE!! I don't feel that I really need to tell any of you this, but be nice to the others, all right? You'll make Ukitake cry if he sees his fans arguing over him, or insulting each other. This means: no flaming, no bashing, no trolling, keep your constructive criticism friendly and helpful, no "DIS SUKZ STOP RIGHTING OK? LOL NO OFENCE" Three strikes and yooooooooooou're OUTTA THERE!

[◊] LJ-Cuts are your friend. Posting icons? Great! Have more than three? LJ-Cut them! Posting your latest masterpiece? WONDERFUL! LJ-Cut it! Don't know how? Follow the paved blue road.

[◊] Stay On-Topic!! Come on guys, it's an Ukitake fan community, not the I-picked-a-big-booger-today-and-felt-like-Oomaeda-gotta-make-a-post-now community. This community is for anything related to Ukitake. Fanfictions, fanart, icons, Friends-Only banners, whatever. Let's keep it that way, huh? ♥

[◊] GAYNESS IS HERE! Last but certainly not least, this community is YAOI-FRIENDLY. I can already guarantee that 85% of everything here is probably gay in nature. Don't like it? Don't join! Simple as that. All pairings welcome!


<b>Title:</b> [The title of your story. Can be linked to the fic on FF.net or what have you.]
<b>Author:</b> [Whatever handle you prefer to go by.]
<b>Rating:</b> [Just a forewarning to those of the weak minds/hearts. (Or those at work. ;D)]
<b>Genre:</b> [So we know what we're getting into.]
<b>Pairing:</b> [I'd certainly hope "Ukitake" comes in at this point?]
<b>Summary:</b> [Just a short summary.]
<b>Theme:</b> [If you were inspired by a theme contest, post about it here.]

<lj-cut text="Title/Snippet/Whatever Here">INSERT STORY PART HERE MAYHAPS.</lj-cut>

<b>Title:</b> [The title, if it has one.]
<b>Artist:</b> [You!]
<b>Rating:</b> [Just a forewarning to those at work. ;D]
<b>Pairing:</b> [Ukitake/? or ?/Ukitake, if there is a pairing]

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Feel free to add onto this!


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